there is honour among thieves

The concept is found in c 1622–3 Soddered Citizen (1936) 1. 305 Theeues haue betweene themselues, a truth, And faith, which they keepe firme, by which They doe subsist; 1703 P. A. MOTTEUX Don Quixote II. lx. The old proverb still holds good, Thieves are never rogues among themselves.

1802 J. BENTHAM Works (1843) IV. 225 A sort of honour may be found (according to a proverbial saying) even among thieves.

1823 J. BEE Dict. Turf 98 ‘There is honour among thieves, but none among gamblers,’ is very well antithetically spoken, but not true in fact.

1984 J. REEVES Murder before Matins vi. Honour among thieves was an empty phrase to all three of them: every professional criminal they’d known would sell his sidekick unhesitatingly if the price were right.

2002 R. J. BERNSTEIN Radical Evil 25 And a moral scoundrel may occasionally do what duty requires (honor among thieves).

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